Search Schedule

Below is the Search Timeline leading the 11th Bishop of Central Pennsylvania. Please note that these dates are subject to change as the process continues.

June 2013

The Standing Committee calls for nominees to the Search and Discern Committee for the 11th Bishop of Central Pennsylvania

August 2013

The Standing Committee hires a consultant to the process, the Very Rev. Ronald Clingenpeel

December 2013

A Chaplain to Bishop and Mary Ellen Baxter is appointed.

January 2014

The Very Rev. Ronald Clingenpeel leads an opening retreat with the Standing Committee and the Search and Discern Committee.

The Search Committee is commissioned by the Standing Committee.

The Transition Committee is commissioned by the Standing Committee and begins plans for Celebration of the Ministry of Bishop and Mary Ellen Baxter.

The Transition Committee appoints a chaplain to the Diocesan Staff.

The Search Committee subcommittees begin work on the Profile, the Nominating Process, Discernment Spiritual Support, Communications and a web site, and Educational resources.

The Search Committee’s work groups for the Listening Events begin work.

January – March 2014

Listening Events are conducted around the diocese.

An Assisting Bishop is chosen by the Bishop who will become the Diocesan Provisional Bishop upon Bishop Baxter’s retirement on 5/31/14.

March – June 2014

The Search Committee works on the Profile, receives and considers narrative analysis of data gathered during Listening Events, works on educational resources for diocese, develops nomination process and questions for nominees and candidates, plans detailed work calendar, develops spiritual support for discernment at all levels.

May 3

Celebration of Ministry of Bishop and Mary Ellen Baxter at Cathedral

June 2

Profile posted

June 6

Nominations open

June 13

Provisional Bishop elected at our Diocesan Convention.

June 20

Nominations close


Search Committee reviews all applications. Conducts virtual interviews with selected candidates.


Search Committee conducts initial tier of reference checking.


Search Committee selects candidates to attend finalists’ retreat. Conducts second round of reference checking.


Search Committee plans finalists’ retreat

November 10 – 13

Search and Discern committee holds retreat with finalist candidates

November 2014

Search and Discern Committee develops a slate of candidates

December 2014

Slate is announced

Petition process opened

Petition process closed

March 2015

Walk abouts

March 14, 2015

Electing Convention at 9 a.m. at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Harrisburg

April – July 2015

Consent of other Bishops and Standing Committees is sought for consecration

September 12, 2015

Consecration of 11th Bishop of Diocese of Central Pennsylvania