New Phase of Search Brings a New Prayer

The Search Committee asks you to take up a new prayer as we enter into our second phase of discernment.  Now we are at work screening in the ten candidates whom we will invite to the interview-retreat scheduled in early November.  It is from these last ten that the Search Committee will seek the five whom we will name to the slate for the election of the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.  (Please see the Search Schedule for more:

As you use this litany, you join us and the members of the Transition Committee in our work of discernment and hospitality.  The Rev. Nancy Rementer and her small working group provide the Search Committee with worship when we meet.  Her thoughts on the importance of the parishes and people of this diocese praying throughout our search process, are below. You’ll find the new litany here and again here  and also below, at the end of this blog posting.

The Search Committee’s needs of spiritual direction and context are given voice and focus by our members working on the Spiritual Context, led by The Rev. Nancy Rementer. She writes, “There is a profound spiritual dynamic to this process that some may not realize or understand.  This search process calls EACH OF US to pray as much as it calls the whole people of this diocese to pray.  It is really in prayer that we may embrace the challenges and changes that will bring transformation and renewal to our mission and life in the diocese.”

Please look again at our profile, and consider what all the members of this diocese said we need to be and become.

Our challenges require our attention and growth in prayer.  In prayer and work, the Search committee is keeping our Profile in mind as we look more closely at our semi-finalists.  We are reading and rereading “The Bishop We Seek:  in our own words” as well as the report from our data consultants, Bob Gallagher and Michelle Heyne, which you can read here:

We rely on your prayers and we believe that as you pray with us, you will be drawn more deeply into what is our search, not merely the Committee’s search for a bishop to guide and pastor our renewal, newness, health and faithfulness in the Body.

“Prayer is essential…now and always…if we are to have any hope that this process will be successful.”  The Rev. Nancy Rementer


A Prayer for the Search Committee, Transition Committee and Candidates

Gracious God of steadfast love and hope, we ask your blessing on each member of the Search Committee, the Transition Committee and on every candidate who has entered this search process.

Guide their hearts and minds in right paths.  Keep us faithful in our prayers for them.

In this season of discernment for our next bishop, send your grace upon [name] the members of the search committee as they work to find the best candidates who may serve as our new bishop.   Give them courage and confidence and grant them graces of strength, imagination, endurance, and deepen the gift of companionship in their service as they seek to embrace the challenges that bring renewal.  [Veronica, Steve, Rob, Richard, Paul, Nancy, Linda, Keith, Janis, Elaine, Churchill, Chris, Charlotte, Bob, Betsy, Becky]  

Guide their hearts and minds in right paths.  Keep us faithful in our prayers for them.

In this season of discernment, send your grace upon the persons who are candidates in this process.  Grant them discerning hearts and sustain them with courage, strength and wisdom for self-awareness and understanding in leadership and service.

Guide their hearts and minds in right paths.  Keep us faithful in our prayers for them.

In this season of transition, send your grace upon [name] members of the transition committee who are extending the gift of your hospitality in their planning of the election and the welcome of our new bishop.  Grant them strength, perseverance, and joy as they offer their gifts in your service. [David, Jan, Joan, Joan, John, Judy, Martin, Mary, Mike, Robin, Sandy, Walter]

Guide their hearts and minds in right paths.  Keep us faithful in our prayers for them.

We pray in thanksgiving for this journey and your hand that leads us on.  Amen.