All Together Now, Going into Discernment

The Search Committee hopes you and members of your parish will share the experience of transition and discernment ahead of us all.

First, pray with us.

Then, join us in paying attention to ourselves in the mirror of the Diocesan Profile.

The Profile will be up on the website, under its own tab, on June 2.  A PDF of the Profile will be available to download or to print.

We are committed to learning everything about ourselves that our Profile subcommittee has put together as a picture of us in worship, in mission, and in community.  We hope you too will commit yourselves to reading and learning from the Profile.   We suggest giving yourselves, in your parish settings, time to talk about your lives of faith and the mission of this diocese, using the Profile in a structured way.

The data from the Listening events and the Profile both have given the Search Committee good opportunity to consider who we are, who we are to become, and what we are to  be about, in the near future.  We are discerning our diocesan calling, in fact.   There’s nothing confidential about this work.  Nothing about this form of discernment is limited to the Search Committee.  In fact, paraphrasing Joni Mitchell, we need you to help us, doing your part.  Don’t let us go there by ourselves–that’s such a lonely thing to do.

We suggest using the Profile as a starting point for discussion in your parishes, thinking about yourselves and our mutual life together in the diocese.  After the Profile has been posted, look for a separate posting giving you resources for using the Profile in discussion in Sunday Forums or Adult Ed classes.  Then, in the coming months, take on the rewarding challenge of open discernment as we take on the confidential aspects of our search for the 11th bishop of this diocese.