Finalist Candidates Discerned, Invited

We are pleased and excited to report that the 2014 Bishop Search Committee has, after a period of intensive discernment, unanimously found ten candidates to be of close fit with our understanding of the criteria for the needs and life of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania.  The Search Committee has invited these candidates to a finalist retreat, to be held later this fall, during which the committee and the candidates will have many opportunities for close conversation and questions on a variety of subjects.

Your search committee and the candidates continue to depend on your participation in this work by prayer.  The Prayer page of this website offers a litany we hope you will use in your parishes and in committees throughout the diocese.

If, over the summer,  your parish could not make use of the opportunity to discuss the findings and questions raised by the Listening Event report and the Parish Profile, we suggest parish leaders might spend some time looking at the links on the Resource Page and on the Home Page. Those materials offer many facets of diocesan common life and ministry which will help parish members to focus on the changes required of us in the transition ahead.