On Not Taking Prayer for Granted

In four short days our search for the 11th bishop of Central Pennsylvania will be transformed into the work of discernment.

Your Search Committee earnestly desires you to come with us into this next stage, by praying.  Pray heartily during your Daily Office, pray fervently on Sundays, pray mindfully in between.  We ask you to intentionally pray for us, pray with care for all the applicants, pray heartily for our diocesan leadership – for our Assisting Bishop, Bob Gepert, for our Standing Committee, for the staff in Diocesan Center.   And pray for yourselves and your parishes. We all seek the bishop we need.  We will surely come to understand who that is if we can name our needs, pray for our needs, and pray for each other.

We are standing in the need of prayer.  We approach the cusp of change in need of grace, in need of guidance, and in need of the strength we have in each other’s prayers and fellowship in the coming months.