Search Committee Enters Radio Silence

Radio silence, in its original use, refers to the setting in which all radio and mobile transmitters in a given area are asked to go silent for safety and security reasons.

The Search Committee has entered radio silence to preserve the boundary between us and everyone–everyone– to protect confidentiality through the remainder of our search process.   That is, from June 6 through the beginning of December.

Specifically, our members have committed to the following:

  • None of us will  talk with each other about any applicant or candidate unless we are all in the same room together.
  • None of us will talk with each other about the Search Committee, should we encounter each other outside of our own meetings.
  • None of us will  talk with anyone else about the Search Committee, anywhere, or in any way.  We hope you’ll not ask.  But if you do, while we appreciate your sympathy, we will say “Radio silence in effect,” and we ask you to respect that.   The work will be hard and we will stick to it until we’re done.  So we wouldn’t have a different answer for you if you asked “How are things?” at any point.  If you’d like to stay tuned to our schedule, please check here:

We hope you will keep silence with us.   Our silence in this time is a self-discipline—and even a prayer of– respect and care for the dignity of every person who enters our applicant pool, and  for all those whose lives are bound with theirs.

While we will not share our progress, we will continue to talk about the search process here on the website.   We’ll continue to offer resources for parish use that should help you know your involvement and keep step with us.  And we continue to rely on your prayers for  us.