Waiting in Anticipation and Hope

We as a diocese are in an Advent time, not just from a liturgical calendar point of view, but from the stance of becoming prepared to usher in our new bishop. With the announcement of the slate of candidates as presented to the Standing Committee by the Search Committee arriving tomorrow, we may find ourselves watching and waiting in anticipation of the new creation God has begun within our diocese.

And this is the right place from which to begin: in the certainty that God has, from the beginning and through and including this present moment, been a part of the search process. God has created with, shaped through and transformed the Search Committee members as they have prayerfully and faithfully discerned candidates called to move forward in the process of the election of our next bishop.

As we wait and watch in Advent, as in the search process, we recognize that we are waiting for something brand new, not something already known to us. We are waiting for someone chosen by the Holy Spirit, not chosen by our own desires and needs. We are waiting in anticipation and hope for something beyond our own imagination, something born of God. We are waiting in trust in our loving God, who knows our needs, and is ushering in a new creation, which will grow and stretch us into the people and the diocese God is calling us into. Let us do this joyfully and thankfully.